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Identification for Voting 2020

Beginning in 2020, all voters will be asked to show ID when voting. If you do not have photo ID with you, you will be required to vote using a Provisional Ballot.  Your provisional ballot will only be counted if you bring ID to your County Board of Elections office or sign an affidavit stating there was a “reasonable impediment that prevented you from showing ID”.

Ballots submitted by mail must include a copy of your photo ID or a signed affidavit as mentioned above.

Free photo ID can be obtained from county board of elections office any time until the Friday prior to the election.


Acceptable forms of Photo ID

***   For a list of all IDs that can be used visit for a searchable database.​   ***

All UNC System Schools now approved for voter ID in 2020

As North Carolina prepares for the introduction of a voter ID requirement next year, a new decision means the entire UNC System will have acceptable photo IDs that students and employees can use in lieu of a driver’s license.

There are now more than 100 different types of IDs people can show at the polls starting next year to prove their identity. U.S. passports, driver’s licenses, military and veteran IDs, tribal enrollment cards and various state and local government employee IDs will all be acceptable.

NC Driver License or Identification Card - Must be valid or expired less than one year. If holder is over 65 can be expired longer than one year but must have been valid on 65th birthday.

Driver License or Identification Card From another state/territory - Must be valid or expired less than one year. If holder is over 65 can be expired longer than one year but must have been valid on 65th birthday.  Acceptable only if holder registered to vote in NC within 90 days of election.

Passport - Must be valid or expired less than one year. If holder is over 65 can be expired longer than one year but must have been valid on 65th birthday

NC Voter ID Card - Must be valid or expired less than one year. If holder is over 65 can be expired longer than one year but must have been valid on 65th birthday. Can be obtained at Board of Elections.

Employee ID Card - Must be valid or expired less than one year. If holder is over 65 can be expired longer than one year but must have been valid on 65th birthday. Must be from an approved State or local employer.

Student ID Card - Must be valid or expired less than one year. If holder is over 65 can be expired longer than one year but must have been valid on 65th birthday.  Must be from an approved Institution.

Tribal Enrollment Card - Must be for approved state tribe or federal tribe. Maybe expired or have no expiration date.

Military ID Card - May be expired or have no expiration date.

The Truth about NC REAL ID


Currently NC REAL ID’s will be necessary after October 1, 2020 only to

  • board commercial flights

  • enter secure federal buildings


NC REAL ID’s are NOT needed to do the following:

  • Drive

  • Vote

  • Apply for or receive federal benefits

  • Enter a facility that does not require ID (for example the Post Office)

  • Access hospitals or emergency services

  • Participate in law enforcement proceedings or investigations (jury duty, testimony)


To obtain a NC REAL ID you will need the following documents:

One document showing full name and date of birth.  Acceptable documents are..

  • Birth Certificate

  • U.S. Passport

  • Valid, Unexpired foreign passport

  • REAL ID Driver license or identification card from another state


One document showing full name and Social Security number.  Acceptable documents are…

  • Social Security Card (original only, no photocopies)

  • 1099 tax form with name and full Social Security number

  • W-2 with name and full Social Security number

  • Payroll record with name and full Social Security number


Two documents with current physical address proving NC residency; acceptable documents…

  • Anything issued by the state of NC, a county or city in NC or the federal government

  • NC vehicle registration card, insurance policy, or title

  • Military orders or documents

  • Utility or cable bill

  • Housing lease or contract, mortgage statement, property or income tax statement

  • Pre-printed financial statement

  • School records

  • Letter from a homeless shelter

For Non-U.S. Citizens one document proving legal presence/status.  Acceptable documents..

  • Consular report of birth abroad (Forms FS-240, DS-1350 or FS-545)

  • Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551)

  • Unexpired Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766 or I-688B)

  • Valid, unexpired foreign passport

  • Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-550 or N-570)

  • Certificate of Citizenship (Form N-560 or N-561)

If applicable, documents verifying a Name change; acceptable documents…

  • Certified marriage license/certificate

  • Divorce decree

  • Document from courts or Register of Deeds

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